I’m very pleased to announce the release into production of SMARTset v2.4.3.

115 bug fixes, improvements and features with the most notable being:

  • Recipes – wizards that walk users through common process e.g. onboarding new devices etc.
  • Compound Widgets – very sophisticated widgets that allow value targeting and drill-down
  • Schedule Widget – users can now schedule any number of ‘things’ simultaneously e.g. boiler, ACU, lights
  • Frequency Response – very accurate mains frequency measurement (>0.01Hz) and sub-second reaction to National Grid standards
  • Energy Measurement – sub-meting functionality to support Demand Side Response (DSR)
  • Linear Mathematics – user can now do matrix maths and Laplace transforms within the Virtual Transducer editor
  • MQTT – SMARTset now supports subscribing to a topic on a MQTT broker to gather its data
  • Patch Manager – we are now integrated with the popular Patch Manager Asset Management System

Thanks go to the Software, Sys Admin, Documentation and QA teams for all their hard work.

Special praise for this release to all those involved in the Dashboard Templates and the Linux SPI driver, an heroic effort.

The next release is schedule for the end of September and will feature a IoT auto-registration and high frequency data measurement

recipes new widgets