Fire Panel Monitoring

Key Features

  • Coverage of large network of fire panels spread over many thousands of square miles, many of which are permanently unmanned, with the associated risks.
  • They were made by several different manufacturers at different times and use different communication protocols.
  • A single solution that works with your existing equipment as well as new equipment
  • Drill down from an estate overview into a site and from there into a room. Allowing quick and easy access to specific device data, SMARTset can make the link between unexpected readings and the root cause of the issue.
  • Alarms can be created on any condition or combination of conditions including forecasting and maintenance event schedules
  • Standard and bespoke reports are available so you can see the exact information you need in your preferred format
  • Reports are generated in .pdf, .csv & .xls formats and can be distributed via SMS, email, VFS etc


  • SMARTset works with your existing Sigfox equipment or we can supply hardware for a complete solution
  • No 3G/4G phone signal is needed, making it ideal for equipment in remote areas.

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