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  • Customisable dashboards are where the data is displayed – with over 35 widget types to choose from, the data can be presented to prioritise the most important information in any scenario.
  • Real-time Websocket monitoring – PUE/COP and capacity calculations
  • League tables of performance across estate, broken down by site/room/system
  • Heat maps of temperature, humidity, pressure and power





  • Standard and bespoke reports are available so you can see the exact information you need in your preferred format
  • Reports are generated in .pdf, .csv & .xls formats and can be distributed on demand or on a user defined schedule.
  • Once a report is defined, it can be exercised and distributed through different channels – SMS, email, VFS etc
  • Reports can be created using Velocity, Python or SQL



  • Distributes sophisticated alarm conditions which can be modelled, including; trend analysis, noise detection and machine condition detection.
  • Alarms are distributable via multiple channels; SMS, email, email-link and Virtual File System (FTP/FTPS/SFTP, WebDAV, SMB).


  • The remote control of equipment is defined in a visual, drag/drop programming editor that allows definable, rich trigger conditions
  • That could include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment such as CRAC units and changing their set-points or responding to changes in dynamic conditions such as outside air temperature or heat load.
  • Security control such as remote activition of door locks and security cameras


  • A real-time CFD and environmental plugin allows the optimisation of a data centre
  • The power of CFD in a graphical and numeric format helps users plan for growth, common failures and other ‘what if’ scenarios for physical power and cooling capacity, plus build resilience before expensive problems occur.
  • A tuning storyboard lets HVAC professionals harmonise cooling performance through time-line comparison and historical playback.


Integrations & Hosting

  • Connects seamlessly with existing sensors and actuators, no need for wholesale changes to existing sensor networks
  • Hosted in the cloud, on premise or on an edge gateway
  • Integration with Enterprise – NOC via SNMP Traps, SSO via SAML
  • Integrations with Patch Manager for asset management
  • Viewable via a web browser, SMARTset can be viewed from a PC, tablet or mobile phone at any time.

Installed at Travis Perkins, BT (4), Experian (4), Oxford Uni.(3), Vodafone, General Dynamics



power/voltage/current, temp, humidity








temp, humidity, pressure, airflow


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