Purchasing SMARTset is simple and straightforward.
Licensing is based on the following;

  • The number of physical transducers (sensors/actuators)
  • The number of concurrent logins (unlimited registered users)
  • The modules;
    • Monitoring & Visualisation – Connectivity to physical, virtual transducers and user defined Dashboards (included)
    • Reporting – Scheduled and ad-hoc user defined reports with data analytics (optional)
    • Alarms & Controls – Sophisticated behavioural alarms/alerts with remote control (optional)
    • Optimisation – “What if” scenario planning using CFD simulation and empirical tuning (optional)
    • Integration – Access to SMARTset using SNMP, Modbus and/or RESTful API (optional)
If you are interested in piloting SMARTset prior to purchase or simply buying a license, please contact our UK channel partners AIT;

AIT provides technical services and solutions for data centre management including data centre build and design, power and environmental monitoring systems and DCIM software integration; and secure networks from wireless networks and firewalls to point-to-point microwave radio links.