SMARTset v2 and the IoT challenge

map-dashboardSMARTset v2  – new team, new approach, new tools and new ideas!

All the great ideas of SMARTset v1.6 system have been taken forward into a new design, founded on industry standard development practises with quality and innovation built into its core.  The new version back-end is written entirely in Java using Spring MVC, Hibernate, Velocity and OSGi with a database neutral storage engine.  The UI has embraced HTML5, CSS3 and all things JavaScript with responsiveness baked in from the start.

In January 2015, SMARTset v2.0.0 GA was launched offering:

  • A scaleable, modular system that can be deployed on anything from a RaspberryPi to a multi-machine cluster, without modification
  • ‘Fit in’ features to allow SMARTset  to talk to all the industry standard protocols and devices e.g. Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, RF-Code, XML, Nest, OpenADR, IEC81650 with more to come
  • A beautiful (in our view), fully internationalised and responsive GUI that doesn’t require any client plugins, even for the comprehensive drawing sub-system
  • User defined, drag ‘n’ drop dashboards and widgets that encompass everything from your not so humble gauges, through to boiler control
  • Alarms and Controls using a novel visual programming paradigm (no more ‘structured text’ or ladder logic) with notifications sent via email and SMS
  • Plugin framework for 3rd-party integration – for those that want to extend SMARTset to suit particular needs, comprehensive, under-the-bonnet programmatic access to the engine and UI
  • Sophisticated and schedule-able reporting that can deliver information in Excel, PDF, XML using in-browser analytics
  • Built-in optimisation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation and tuning – harnessing what’s good out there in the Open Source world

dcThe journey has only just begun and there are many more features and aspirations in the pipeline to keep us developers up all night.  For instance 3D, yet more visualisations, Dynamic Cooling and of course more interfaces. With a highly skilled and focused team of developers, 4NG has created an off-the-shelf product that is solid, reliable and beautiful which can meet virtually any Internet of Things challenge!