SMARTset Installation – It’s Fast, Simple, and Non-Invasive

Are you concerned that installing an environmental monitoring system will result in too much downtime in your data centre? That’s understandable, but with SMARTset, there is no downtime – we can install SMARTset monitoring without causing any service disruption. In just a matter of hours, we can establish SMARTset software and link it to environmental sensors in your data centre: including; temperature, humidity, pressure and power. If you don’t have any sensors, we can install them – again, without shutting anything down. The process really is that fast.

In just a few hours, you could have a wealth of environmental data available to display and report on – for example; heatmaps showing hotspots and coldspots in your data centre. Using this information, you can plan the reorganisation of your site to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Environmental Monitoring Installed in Hours

The installation of a SMARTset environmental monitoring system consists of three steps:

  1. Connect to Sensors across the data centre. The secret to our super-fast environmental monitoring installations is that we can connect to whatever you already have and if don’t have anything, use 4NG wireless sensors and hubs. These wireless devices can be installed across your data centre extremely quickly, without the need to access floor panels or run cabling through the racks. For example, it takes just 2 hours to fit wireless sensors in a large data hall consisting of 100 racks. Typically, we install a wireless temperature sensor every 3 racks in the hot aisle, with the sensors being fixed close to the top of the door using zip ties.
  2. Install and set up the SMARTset monitoring software. We install the SMARTset software and set it up to receive data from the sensors. This is also a simple and quick process, as SMARTset has features such as auto-discovery that allows it to set up Transducers for sensors automatically. We also draw your data hall in our easy-to-use layout designer, and add the sensors and racks.
  3. Finally, we test that the sensors can communicate efficiently with SMARTset. For Wireless sensors, we analyse the signal strength of each sensor to optimise battery life and reliability – after all, we are in the business of saving energy! For any sensors that are showing mid to low signal strength, we improve wireless connectivity by elevating or extending the reach of the hubs, or by simply adding more.

Connecting SMARTset to Existing Hardware and Systems

One of the major benefits of SMARTset is that it can connect to any device, sensor, or system that uses one of the leading industrial protocols. This means you can use it to monitor and control your existing equipment and new, third-party equipment. Support for the industrial protocols is provided as standard, so there is no need for additional plug-ins and their associated cost. With SMARTset, the only additional fees are for extra user or sensor licences.

Connecting SMARTset to your existing hardware and software may involve a short amount of downtime, as communications connections need to be made. However, with most TCP protocols, the connection can be made without any downtime at all. It’s also possible to connect to legacy Modbus RTU networks using a serial to Ethernet gateway device.

Contact 4NG for More Information on SMARTset

SMARTset is an enterprise-level solution, suitable for any size of ICT infrastructure, from the largest data centre to the smallest communications room. The software is low cost, easy to operate, and provides data centre managers with a wealth of monitoring and control features, including remote controls. Importantly, it can connect to other hardware and systems and can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption to your business.

For more information on SMARTset, contact or call +44(0)115 9228751