Plan for Optimum Efficiency with SMARTset ‘Tuning’

Could you reduce your data centre energy bill by 15-20%, just by rearranging equipment and implementing an efficient airflow management strategy? If your estate hasn’t been optimised for thermal efficiency, then the answer is yes. At 4NG, we regularly help customers to save around 20% on their energy bills, simply by adding environmental sensors and using our SMARTset software to optimise the layout for thermal and airflow efficiency.

With SMARTset, it is easy to optimise your estate. The software’s Optimisation module provides two powerful features for planning an efficient layout, both of which are easy and fast to use:

  • Simulation
  • Tuning

Simulation uses CFD Lite, a super-fast Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool, designed for planning ‘what if’ scenarios. With Simulation, you adjust a layout and SMARTset predicts the likely results of that plan. You can learn about Simulation and CFD Lite in Optimise Cooling of your Data Centre using SMARTset

Tuning is different, as it uses the actual data that comes from the sensors in place on site. There are no calculations or estimations involved – the optimisation data comes from real values in response to physical changes. For this reason, it gives a true picture of the effects of changes in your rooms.

Accurate Before and After Snapshots Show the Effect of Changes

Tuning works by allowing you to take ‘before and after’ snapshots of a room. You begin by taking a snapshot of the room’s measurements before you make any changes. This snapshot creates a record of the room’s environmental data at a specific point in time, and can include power consumption, rack temperatures, average temperature, maximum temperatures, etc. You then make the physical changes to the room, such as adding, moving, or removing equipment.

Tuning Blog Pic 1

You then use Tuning to take another snapshot, which captures the room’s environmental data after the changes have been implemented . Finally, you assess the snapshots – SMARTset presents you with comparison layouts and pre-analysed data.

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SMARTset analyses the data in the snapshots for you, and presents the differences on the comparison report. This means you can get the information you need immediately – SMARTset shows you which measurements have risen or dropped since the changes were made, and by how much and automatically identifies the racks with the lowest and highest temperatures.

Contact 4NG for Details on Tuning and CFD LITE

With SMARTset’s optimisation features, you can plan your estate so that it is organised for maximum energy efficiency. Fast and user-friendly, Tuning and CFD Lite make it easy to arrange your rooms based on actual data or predicted outcomes.

To find out more about SMARTset’s Tuning and CFD Lite features, or any of its other monitoring and control capabilities, contact Remi Baudot on    +44 115 9228751 or email