5 Reasons Why SMARTset should be your new DCIM software

If 4NG’s SMARTset is not on your radar, it should be. Designed specifically for monitoring, understanding and managing comms rooms and data centres, SMARTset is a cost-effective DCIM and estate wide management software solution that will reduce your running costs and risk.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why SMARTset should be your next DCIM software:

1. SMARTset is Cost-Effective and can Reduce Energy Costs by 15%-20%

SMARTset is affordable to buy, install, operate and maintain and gives you real-time intelligence about your data centres. With all your data centre information available in one application, it is easy to identify where unnecessary energy expenditure is taking place, and with SMARTset’s “What if” planning module, you can quickly optimise your sites for energy-efficiency

Already in use in data centres across the world SMARTset delivers typical energy bill savings of 15%-20%, with a ROI of 2-3 years.

2. SMARTset Provides a Holistic View of ONE OR Multiple Data Centres

How much time do you waste switching between systems and files, just to get the information you need? Don’t you wish everything could be in one place? That’s exactly how it works in SMARTset, where all of your data centre information is stored centrally, and can be accessed on a single ‘dashboard’ display.

And as the data is a record of real, on-site data, you can be sure it is accurate and up-to-date.


Finding information and performing tasks in SMARTset is simple, thanks to its stylish and intuitive user-interface. Each user can access ‘dashboards’ – displays that you can customise to contain the information you need. The information is presented in ‘widgets’ that you can move around on your dashboard, edit, and hide as required. The range of widgets includes:

  • Infographic displays (gauges, graphs, pie charts, sparklines, traffic lights etc.)
  • Alarm widget for viewing and responding to system alarms
  • Layout viewer, which provides a visual map of your system, site, or room
  • Room cooling widget for cooling capacity data
  • Control widgets (Scheduler, weather, geo-mapping)
  • Iframe/custom widget for embedding external content from any system

You can create multiple dashboards, customise the widgets, and change the look and feel of the UI to match your corporate brand. SMARTset also includes the alarm, control, and optimisation features you would expect from enterprise DCIM software.


There’s no need for an external reporting application, as SMARTset has embedded reporting with a range of standard report templates included. Designed specifically for data centres and cooling, the reports include:

  • Room capacity
  • Room power usage
  • Room rack power readings
  • Room thermal
  • Site capacity
  • Site power usage
  • Site summary report.

You can create your own custom reports from scratch or from our existing templates or by using our built-in analytics drag/drop builder to enable slice and dice of complex power and environmental data.

Reports can be run on-demand, scheduled or triggered by events and sent as PDF, Text or Excel via SMS (link), eMail or placed on a file server.


If you buy SMARTset, will you need to buy new equipment to support it? No – SMARTset fits in with your existing technology rather than requiring you to invest in new equipment.

SMARTset can connect to almost any type of equipment or system, if we can poll it we can read it. It includes embedded support for the protocols most commonly used by data centre equipment, including Modbus, RF Code, BACnet, Nest, XML, SNMP, MQTT, RESTful as well as 4NG’s proprietary protocols, and other protocols can be added if required.

To learn more about SMARTset, contact pete.jepson@4ng.co.uk.

See us at DCW 2016!

4NG are exhibiting SMARTset at Data Centre World ExCel, London 12th-13th April. You can find us at Stand P35.