10 Reasons to implement a DCIM solution to manage your Datacentre

DCIM software can bring major benefits to a Data Centre Manager, especially those managing a legacy site. Stand out benefits include savings on time, staff utilisation, and overall cost savings especially around energy usage.  Data Centre’s have over the last 10 years increased their energy usage, size and complexity and operators need smarter and better solutions to improve the day to day running of DC’s, maximise the life cycles of their physical assets and most importantly ensure their SLA’s on uptime and availability.

Below is a list of 10 benefits 4NG believe are important features of a DCIM:

  1. Live visual and graphical information on data centre assets
  2. Centralized data storage enables accurate reporting capability
  3. “What if” modelling to allocate space for new assets in the most efficient locations
  4. Manage and reporting power consumption on a granular level
  5. Fully integrated automated reporting capability
  6. Constant power monitoring with alarms and controls
  7. Power capacity both real time consumption, consumed and availability
  8. Identification of environmental hot spots with thresholds and alerts
  9. Knowing whether you are over-cooling or have a balanced environment
  10. Intelligent analytics and reporting to assist with decision making (you need to monitor, to understand, to then manage)


Using a DCIM solution brings many excellent benefits to help you run your DC, these are just a few. If you would like to hear our views on what we think are the biggest drivers then contact our DCIM specialist, Stuart Priest, on 0115 922 8751.