SMARTset V3.1.2 Released

SMARTset V3.1.2 Released

4NG are pleased to announce the release of SMARTset v3.1.2


This release contains a number of major updates to the SMARTset product line;


  • SMARTset is now available in a SNAP format suitable for installation on a DELL Gateway device.
  • SMARTstation V3 is fully supported.

Data Collection

  • SMARTset now supports Modbus RTU over TCP. There have also been a number of enhancements to the Modbus collector.
  • SMARTset supports complex bit patterns from Sigfox devices.
  • Wireless transducer Last Reading timestamps are now correctly reported.

Alarms & Controls

  • The Control Status page now allows users to modify the run frequency of a Control.
  • Updates to Control blocks and performance enhancements.

Behind the scenes

  • Library updates to the latest versions of code including j2mod.
  • A new CDN service has been setup enabling faster access to static files. This is mainly aimed at SMARTstations connected via a 3G dongle but is available to all systems operating over a slow upload link.


  • Data Export updates and performance improvements particularly the Gauge and Value widgets.
  • The Schedule widget handles time periods spanning more than 1 day in a more user friendly way.

Overall the release consists of 25 new features and another 38 general updates to the SMARTset and SMARTstation products.


4NG sells through partners – our objective for 2018 is to build an international network of resellers that re-brand, value-add and extend the applicability of SMARTset.  If you are interested in becoming a 4NG partner, please drop us a line and we will send you a partner pack, complete with data sheets and pricing.