SMARTset V3.1.1 Released

SMARTset V3.1.1 Released

4NG are pleased to announce the release of SMARTset v3.1.1


This is a major release contains a number of significant new features and updates;


  • A brand new Dashboard Navigator allowing fast access to any dashboard within SMARTset. Fully linked in with dashboard templating at all levels.
  • Value widget spark lines can display negative readings in a different colour.
  • General improvements and enhancements to the Gauge Widget, Layout Viewer, Value Widget and others.


  • A major update to the SMARTstation registration mechanism. This now uses an MQTT interface to handle all operations between the SMARTstation and its designated SMARTset server. It is also possible, for the first time, to link SMARTset servers together.


  • Major update to the Pivot Report with enhanced Data Visualisation and a more user friendly style.
  • A new Category Data Feed used to power the Pivot Report.

Behind the scenes

  • SMARTset fully supports the Sigfox protocol.
  • SMARTset supports collecting Modbus RTU data from multiple ports.

Alarms & Controls

  • A new Control Status page has been aded detailing performance statistics on a per Control basis.


Overall the release consists of 25 new features and another 88 general updates to the SMARTset and SMARTstation products.


4NG sells through partners – our objective for 2017/18 is to build an international network of resellers that re-brand, value-add and extend the applicability of SMARTset.  If you are interested in becoming a 4NG partner, please drop us a line and we will send you a partner pack, complete with data sheets and pricing.