SMARTset V3.0.3 Released

SMARTset V3.0.3 Released

4NG are pleased to announce the release of SMARTset v3.0.3


This release contains a number of new features and enhancements;

Mobile View

  • Mobile dashboards are now template aware so they can fully participate in the dashboard environment
  • A number of improvements to the Map Widget introducing more responsive behaviour
  • Updates to a number of other widgets enhancing the mobile functionality

Alarms & Controls

  • Running of Controls has received a major update. The interface to the user remains the same, but behind the scenes the controls are utilising a more performant runtime and reducing the overall application memory footprint
  • New control blocks, such as checking for values in range or out of range, are available which make writing controls much easier


  • A new HTML widget allowing users to generate flexible and powerful visuals
  • A number of enhancements to the Layout Viewer widget
  • Updates to other widgets including the Map widget, Multi Value widget, Value widget, Schedule widget and Range Graph


  • Transducer Scaling now handles step changes and provides a visual indication of the scaling
  • A number of general usability updates to improve the user experience

Behind the scenes

  • SMARTset is now being built and run using JDK8
  • Recording of internal performance related data is now optional which improves data storage requirements
  • Following on from the library updates in 3.0.2, a further set of libraries have been updated in this release

Overall the release consists of 45 new features and another 29 general updates to the SMARTset and SMARTstation products.



4NG sells through partners – our objective for 2017/18 is to build an international network of resellers that re-brand, value-add and extend the applicability of SMARTset.  If you are interested in becoming a 4NG partner, please drop us a line and we will send you a partner pack, complete with data sheets and pricing.