I’m very pleased to announce the release into production of SMARTset v2.4.1

100 improvements and features with the most notable being;

  • Monitoring – New syntax for Virtual Transducers makes life a lot easier for users
  • SMARTstation – SMARTset on SMARTstation can now use all of the existing 4e I2C equipment (GPAN, hub, relay module etc.)
  • Plugins – The Nlyte integration user interface has been improved to simplify connecting assets to SMARTset
  • SMARTstation – SMARTset on SMARTstation now supports 3G/GPRS dongles out of the box
  • Widgets – The Value widget can now optionally show a sparkline as well as the current value
  • Widgets – Users can now adjust the look and feel of the tramlines in graphs
  • Controls – New look and feel for the Controls editor

Thanks go to the Software, Sys Admin, Documentation and QA teams for all their hard work.

Next release will be at the end of May and will be a feature release

Dark-theme value-sparkline vt-syntax