SMARTset v2.2.1 Released

4NG engineering are very pleased to announce the release into production of SMARTset v2.2.1.

157 improvements and features with the most notable being;

  • Alarms: Huge improvements in performance when dealing with thousands of alarms, sort by comments, multi-edit
  • Optimisation: Refactor of the code base to simplify and now supports designing and uploading new models from the browser
  • Widgets: Many improvements to the look and feel, particularly for the graphs
  • Monitoring: Support for SNMP v2c in the MIB browser, built-in Google analytics
  • Administration: Improved discovery for MCUs and BACnet devices, German version
  • Nlyte: SMARTset is now the officially released monitoring & alarms module built into the Nlyte product
  • Documentation: Huge uplift in available content with 100% coverage of Installation, User and  Alarms & Controls Guides
  • Mobile Edition: Phone and tablet responsive version – Beta

You can see a full list of the changes in the release notes here but I’ve attached a couple of screen shots to whet your appetite.

Thanks as always go to the Software, Sys Admin, Documentation and QA teams for all their great work.

Next release will be at the end of September and will include; In-browser OLAP – power and temperature analytics down to the rack level, SMARTstation edition, Nlyte dashboards.

A look at the new Mobile Version

indicator  readings gauge