SMARTset v2.2.0 Released

SMARTset4NG engineering are very pleased to announce the release into production of SMARTset v2.2.0.

113 improvements and features with the most notable being;

  • Alarms: New Alarms widget for Dashboards gives responsive view and dropdowns now allow for infinite scrolling
  • Layout Plan: Performance improvements to the heat-map and yet more features to make moving and placing elements easier
  • Optimisation: New, improved model and more real-time feedback to the user
  • Dashboards: New, more scalable way of showing and searching for favourites, most recent and shared dashboards
  • Widgets: All widgets and dashboards now support background images with adjustable opacity
  • Monitoring: RF Code tags can now be selected with their corresponding treatment codes
  • Administration: New look and feel for the entity selector
  • IE11 Compliance: Lots of gnashing of teeth but all the IE specific issues are resolved
  • Reporting: Interactive reports provide better feedback and responsiveness
  • API: New CSV feeds for power and temperature

Thanks as always go to the Software, Sys Admin, Documentation and QA teams for all their great work.

Here’s some demos of what has been keeping us up all night…

New Alarms pop-down display
New background images

Next release will be the beginning of August and will include; Mobile Edition – phone and tablet specific;  In-browser OLAP – power and temperature analytics down to the rack level.