SMARTset 2.4 Introduces Plug-In Sub-System for Adding Extra Protocols

SMARTset plugin architecture
SMARTset plugin architecture

4NG today revealed that SMARTset 2.4 includes a new sub-system which allows users to add communications protocols if they are not already supported. The new feature complements the existing suite of built-in protocols and furthers 4NG’s commitment to providing IoT (Internet of Things) ‘connect to everything’ functionality without incurring costs of bespoke development.

Designed for scalability, SMARTset 2.4 is suitable for any organisation, irrespective of the scale of the monitoring and control requirement. This single software solution can be used to manage entire technical sites, from small networks of data centres to high quantities of smaller sites (street furniture). Importantly, it also includes all connectivity features in the core product, as standard.

Stuart Priest of 4NG said “Compatibility with legacy hardware and software is vital and a key part of our strategy with SMARTset. We aim to improve monitoring and control capabilities by working alongside existing equipment, rather than requiring additional investment in new hardware or software. We like to say that SMARTset ‘fits in’ so that customers don’t have to throw out.” Giving data centre managers greater flexibility is also an important factor for 4NG, as reflected in their approach to licences. “We offer ‘pay as you grow’” adds Stuart, “Customers can add the hardware they need as and when they expand, then boost the licences to accommodate the additional sensors. Our licences are available in small quantities, which minimises the software costs of expansion.”

Support for legacy devices is only one of the benefits of 4NG’s approach to connectivity. With the increasing need for additional, granular environmental data, it is inevitable that data centre managers will soon begin introducing IoT enabled hardware to their estates. These devices are likely to use existing industrial protocols, certainly during the early stages of adoption, many of which are supported by the core SMARTset software. For those that are not supported, the new sub-system can be used to add the necessary protocol.

See SMARTset in action at Data Centre World, ExCel, London

4NG’s Chief Information Officer, Steve O’Hara, will be speaking in the DCIM theatre at Data Centre World, ExCel, London on 13th April from 10.15-10.40am. Visit 4NG at stand P35 from 12th-13th April.



4NG work with facilities and IT managers to improve their understanding and management of infrastructure to lower energy and cooling costs.
Through our low cost, easy to operate SMARTset software, we can connect to any equipment, sensors and meters. We can perform analytics on data to demonstrate optimum configurations via flexible alarms and controls, and then, if required, control equipment remotely.

SMARTset is suitable for any size of ICT infrastructure from the largest data centre to the smallest communications room. The software is open, vendor agnostic, low cost and unique.

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