20% savings on data centre energy bills using latest SMARTset

Reduce energy bills

Data centres using SMARTset software are saving 15-20 % on their energy bills, according to recent results released by 4NG. The results were taken from a 3 hall, 30,000 ft2 data centre with average heat loads of 200 kW per room, where SMARTset was used to optimise airflow, reinforce thermal compliance and maximise capacity, while reducing the energy expenditure. The reduction in cooling power resulted in annual savings of more than £78,500. Energy usage was reduced by 785,000 kWh/year, with CO2 emissions cut by more than 410 tonnes/year.

To achieve the energy bill savings, SMARTset was installed in the data centre to provide detailed thermal monitoring across the three halls and cooling infrastructure. Data centre staff then used SMARTset’s graphical displays, including heatmaps, to assess the thermal environment and quickly identify hot and cold spots in the rooms.

Using this information, they planned the repositioning of air vents for balancing air flow. By using SMARTset’s optimisation feature, they were able to simulate the changes and proactively test and select the most beneficial vents layout. Once the vents had been moved, the positive impact of the changes were captured and validated via the “snapshot” feature of the optimisation module. Savings were made by changing the set points of CRAC units and chillers – a decision that could be made due to the improved air flow and safely implemented thanks to the constant monitoring of the room thermal behaviour. Finally, some CRACs were identified as now unnecessary, as they were counteracting each other by recirculating hot air. These ‘excess capacity’ CRACs were set as idle units on backup.

“Many data centre managers don’t have environmental or energy monitoring information available or a way to connect equipment and systems, so they have no way of identifying where cooling inefficiencies are occurring.” said Steve O’Hara, Chief Information Officer at 4NG. “SMARTset gives data centre managers that visibility. It can seamlessly connect to existing equipment and systems and can be used with a variety of sensors to give environment and energy management data at a granular level. This allows managers to make intelligent tuning decisions to maximise cooling efficiency.”

While the data results were taken from a single data centre, the savings of 15-20 % are typical with SMARTset. “Our data centre customers have been able to reduce their data centre cooling energy bills by at least 15% with SMARTset software. When used with other 4NG cooling solutions, the energy bill savings can be significantly higher.” said Remi Baudot, Head of Analytics and Insights at 4NG. “While reducing their energy use, customers can also increase the amount of available capacity and ensure their thermal environment compliance, so that additional IT equipment can be securely installed using the best of the existing facility.”

See SMARTset in action at Data Centre World, ExCel, London

Steve O’Hara will be speaking in the DCIM theatre at Data Centre World, ExCel, London on 13th April from 10.15-10.40am or visit 4NG at stand P35 from 12th-13th April.



4NG work with facilities and IT managers to improve their understanding and management of infrastructure to lower energy and cooling costs.
Through our low cost, easy to operate SMARTset software, we can connect to any equipment, sensors and meters. We can perform analytics on data to demonstrate optimum configurations via flexible alarms and controls, and then, if required, control equipment remotely.

SMARTset is suitable for any size of ICT infrastructure from the largest data centre to the smallest communications room. The software is open, vendor agnostic, low cost and unique.

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