A Fully Flexible Solution To Meet Any Requirement

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The SMARTstation controller unit

Based around the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (SBC) and comprises a custom motherboard that expands upon the RPi’s built in USB and RJ45 capabilities by utilising the 40 pin expansion header.

Digital I/Os

Analogue Inputs

Analogue Outputs

Power Relays

With 16 digital I/Os, 19 analogue inputs, 4 analogue outputs and 8 power relays, plus wireless sensor, Modbus, TCP/IP, SNMP, MQTT and BACnet, the SMARTstation is ideal for monitoring and managing anything in your technical estate. Plug-n-play for USB devices (3G modems, enOcean gateways etc.) makes the SMARTstation a fully flexible solution to meet any requirement.

Comes with the 4NG flagship software platform SMARTset

In addition, SMARTstation comes with the 4NG flagship software platform SMARTset. This combination of software and hardware provides a uniquely powerful and versatile platform for even the most demanding control/monitoring applications.

Demand Side Response

Either as part of a remotely controlled network terminal or as an independent Frequency Response (FR) instrument, SMARTStation provides 3 phase power/energy sub-metering on up to 10 input circuits with >1% accuracy and a frequency discrimination of >0.01Hz.

Mini-Building Management System (miniBMS)

The SMARTstation makes an ideal platform for a sophisticated and comprehensive SME BMS controller. The abundance of I/O, direct & networked, allows the controller to fit in with existing systems as well as extending control and monitoring to hard to reach small commercial and educational premises.

Internet of Things (IoT)/Technical Estate

The harnessing of SMARTset with the I/O capabilities of SMARTStation allows local intelligence with centralized control – large numbers of SMARTstations communicating with each other and with SMARTsets based in the Cloud, all using commodity sensors and actuators.

SMARTstation Lite

SMARTstation is also available in a Lite version

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Digital I/Os

Analogue Inputs

Analogue Outputs

Power Relay

SMARTstation Lite I/Os